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Collection of waste plastic

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Sorting of Plastics into Categories. After collection, recyclers send the plastic they have gathered to facilities where they separate the plastics according to types

Washing Impurities

Washing to Remove Impurities. After sorting plastics, recyclers wash the materials to remove impurities. These impurities in plastic include paper labels, dirt, and particles.

Shredding Plastic

Shredding and Resizing. This process comes immediately after washing plastics. It is impossible to recycle plastic in its already developed state.

Identification and separation of plastics

The plastic pieces are tested for their class and quality. First, they are segregated based on density followed by a test known as the “air classification” which determines the thickness of the plastic pieces.

Extruding + compounding

The shredded plastic is melted and crushed together to form pellets


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